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Letmrun Boats

Letmrun Super Puma Frame

Letmrun Super Puma Frame

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You already have a Super Puma. They are virtually indestructible. You just need to upgrade your frame game. We got you. Our frame comes completely assembled and ready to drop into your rubber.  You might also have all the other accessories needed to get out on the water. So we sell those separately. If you need anything. We have you covered. Just let us know.


  • Fully welded and powder-coated frame
  • Front and Rear Knee Braces 
  • Rock Solid fishing floor
  • Built-in anchor system 
  • Adjustable web guide seat with waterproof storage box
  • 4 cup holders 
  • Tempress rear seat
  • Oar Locks
  • 50:1 Anchor pully system and anchor rope
  • Cooler tie down anchors
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