Letmrun Boats was born out of necessity. In the early 80's our parent company Teton Valley Lodge was guiding out of Keith Steal wooden drift boats. Fiberglass boats became all the rage and we wanted to join the party. The problem was all the boats on the market were way too heavy and bulky for our needs. Thats when we started building our own boats.

For 40 plus years we built and maintained a fleet of drift boats for our outfitting needs. Each year making changes and improvements in design and materials. 

TVL used rubber rafts on and off for decades, but in 1999 we started using inflatables exclusively for whitewater sections of river. Running into the same problem with inflatables as we did with drift boats in the 80's, we started to build and design our own. Some of our ideas were great. Many were not. 20 years of ups and downs got us to the place were are today with this raft set up. 

Each year TVL runs around 2,500 guided trips. 20 - 30 guides run hundreds of trips each season in these boats. Their input is vital to the development of each boat we build. It wasn't until we met their expectations that we were comfortable  offering our product for sale to the public. We are confident that it will meet or exceed your expectations.