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Letmrun Boats

Letmrun Super Puma Outfitter Package

Letmrun Super Puma Outfitter Package

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The Letmrun Raft was born out of necessity. Built by the guides at Teton Valley Lodge to meet their needs. What was needed? A boat the could run big whitewater, get drug down mountains and around portages. We need a boat that could run diversion dams and take a serious beating of a serious outfitters schedule. It had to do all this but also be comfortable for our clients. Cup holders, nice seats, knee braces and solid flooring. 

The boat had to meet the demands of the environment, the guides and the customers. After a couple decades of trial and error we finally made the perfect boat. Order yours today and see what you have been missing. 



  • Super Puma Aire Raft 13 ft
  • Fully welded and powder-coated frame
  • Galvanized, Double Roller Trailer  
  • Sawyer 8.5' MXS Oars with Dynalite Shoal-Cut Blades
  • Front and Rear Knee Braces 
  • Rock Solid fishing floor
  • Built-in anchor system 
  • Adjustable web guide seat with waterproof storage box
  • 4 cup holders 
  • Tempress rear seat
  • Oar Locks
  • 50:1 Anchor pully system and anchor rope
  • Yeti Tudra 45 with cushion seat
  • Cooler tie down anchors
  • 35 LBS Lead Anchor
  • Boat Buckle Trailer Tie Downs
  • Aire Repair Kit
  • K-Pump 100 
  • NRS Throw Rope
  • 4 NRS Straps 
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