The Story Behind The Rafts

What makes these boats so special?

  • Built in Teton Valley Idaho

    Designed, tested and built by guides in the heart of trout country

  • Rock Solid Fishing Platform

    A totally composite floor to give you the foundation of the best fishing experience possible.

  • Composite Front and Rear Knee Braces

    Fish live in rough places. Our braces give fisherman the stability and security to stand in whatever conditions they may find themselves in.

  • Drift Boat Styler Anchor System

    The last thing you need is something else to catch your line on. We have designed this boat with as little line catching spots as possible. This goal guided us all the way to the anchor system. Feel secure anchoring where you need to.

  • Storage

    Space is at a premium in any boat, especially a raft. We have built in storage in key spots. The guide seat has plenty of room to keep pumps, repair kits, life jackets and gear out of your way and away from your line.

  • Snag Free Fully Welded Frame

    This is a fishing frame, not a raft frame set up to fish. We eliminated all possible line snagging obstacles.

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