Unique Features

What do you love about fly fishing? I love the game. The challenge. Figuring out what the fish wants to eat and how and making it happen. The satisfaction of solving that puzzle. All while doing it in a beautiful spot far away from the rest of the world. 


With that same focus in mind we tackled another puzzle. How do we take the current fly fishing raft and build a new boat from the ground up that solves all the problems that anglers face? 

Rafts give fishermen the ability to fish waters that drift boats won’t go, but lose the comfort and fishability that drift boats create.


We are proud to introduce the letmrun drift boat hybrid. Part Raft, Part Drift Boat. Truly the best of both worlds. Over 20 years of trial and error have gone into the production of this boat. Ten’s of thousands of guided trips and 100’s of guides opinions and suggestions have produced the best all terrain fly fishing vehicle on the market today. The versatility of a raft with the comforts of a drift boat. 


Unique Features 


  • Solid floor. A cast needs to be built on a solid foundation. With our unique composite floor you have the perfect launching pad to sling bugs into that pocket under the bush where the big brown is laying. While solid as a rock the floor still allows for the raft to self bail. This keeps your raft the all terrain class 5 rapid boat you need it to be. 
  • Integrated Anchor System - When you need to stop on a hot spot you need an anchor system that is up to the task. Our anchor system does this while staying out of your way as to not catch your line or mess up your cast. This is the same actor system you will find in our drift boats. 
  • Composite Knee Braces - Rafts give you the ability to float water drift boats cant. Often times this means rough, low or rapid water. You need to take advantage of every inch of water. Being stable while standing gives you the upper hand in these turbulent situations. Our composite knee braces give anglers the stability and security needed to stand while fishing through the roughest of waters. 
  • Dry Storage - Storage space is at a premium in any boat. Even more so when fishing out of a raft. Our built in dry storage guide seat helps with this problem. Store pumps, repair kits life jackets and other essentials out of the way where your line can’t get tangled on them, 
  • Welded and Powder Coated SnagFree frame - Our frame is built with fishing in mind. No more line getting snagged on random nuts and bolt. No more missing a crucial cast because your line is wrapped around a piece of pipe. This is a game changer. 
  • Yeti Cooler Front Seat - You’r gonna get thirsty. Why not kill two birds with one stone. We utilize the rigid strength of the Yeti Tundra 45 as the front seat while also getting the legendary ice retention and drink capacity needed for every adventure. 
  • Cup Holders - Where do I put my drink? That is no longer a question in the Hybrid. With cupholders front center and back there are plenty of places to store your hydration while fishing. 
  • Adjustable Guide Seat and Oar Locks- This allows for anyone to enjoy rowing this one of a kind boat. 
  • Guide Web Seat - If you know you know. High adventure equals hard work and sweaty backs. That translates to sweaty butt. The web seat provides the ventilation needed to keep rowing hour after hour without the discomfort of a tractor seat. 
  • Aire Super Puma or NRS Outlaw - These rafts rows like a drift boat. Seriously. This thing rows like dream, its light and strong and guaranteed. With a 10 year warranty there is no risk in taking this baby absolutely any where. The crew over at Aire knows what they are doing and they build the best rubber in the business. 
  • Sawyer Oars - Only the best sticks for our boats. 8 1/2 foot Square Tops or Smoker Bandits are included with the boat. Life changing. 
  • Double Roller Trailer - This trailer makes pulling your Hybrid around a dream. It loads and unloads easily and stays put with Boat Buckles that come standard with every package. 


20 Years of development have led us to this. The ultimate Hybrid Raft. Literals the best of both worlds, half raft, half drift boat. Get yours today.